Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop False Volunteerism & Trainings

(PLEASE SHARE to all Filipino Nurses)
If you know of any hospitals with FALSE Volunteerism & Trainings, please send them to us. Please e-mail the following information to
• Hospital Name:
• Hospital Address:
• Private or Gov't:
• Bed Capacity:
• Program Name:
• Program Length:
• Nurse’s Title/Position:
• Staff-to-FALSE Volunteer/Trainee Ratio:
• Number of False Volunteers/Trainees in hospital:
• Fees Required:
• Benefits/Certificate Given:
• Salary/Allowance (if any):

This 2012, ANG NARS will be making an updated list of hospitals with these EXPLOITATIVE practices to show to the DOH, DOLE, Congress, Senate, and the Media that they are still ongoing until today.

ANG NARS aims to protect Nurse's rights and will never reveal your identity.
Thank you for your COURAGE! Every little bit helps.
ANG NARS official website: